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What Christianity Is All About

it is grace that we can count on. it is His arm that we can fall back upon. despite our failures or mistakes, whether or not we make the right decision, God never fails. He is there to catch us…to bring us back up. Yes, we will have to bear the consequences of our decisions. but Jesus said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness”. nothing can separate us from His love.

you may contend that if we let Him be the center of our life, if we read His word and pray everyday, we will not stumble. how would that be possible, right? yet we must admit that we fall. we make mistakes. we let our parents down. we break promises we made with friends. we misunderstand His will and follow the wrong path. we sin in our hearts and deeds. despite our intimate relationship with the Lord, we are prone to faults…because we are imperfect.

in those days when our attempts to get life back together are futile, when we realize that we have messed up and things are beyond our reach to amend, Yahweh is there. His almighty power…His sovereignty…His omnipotence…His sweet grace…His love…and His holiness shield us from the forceful darkness. and His truth liberates us. when we compare situations of our life to His power, everything fades…is meaningless…purposeless.

when we submerge ourselves in His love, trusting that this God we worship does know what He is doing, we will experience the revival of our soul. we believe. we love. we obey. we trust. we proclaim. and we wait for the miracles to unfold.

along the way, though, anxiety and worry may overpower us. remember in those days the two men of God who prayed similar prayer to God; argur and paul, asking Him for and being content in His provision.

“give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. otherwise, i may have too much and disown You and say, ‘who is the Lord?’ or i may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God.” (proverbs 30:8-9)

paul said, “i am not saying this because i am in need, for i have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. i know what it is to be in need, and i know what it is to have plenty. i have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” (philippians 4:11-12)

let us be strengthened, dear ones, by His daily bread. humble our selves and repent of our ways…everyday. be joyful for how He blesses us. be thankful for His sustenance and give all we have to Him and those He loves…so that, in the end, His glory will be like the banner all across the heaven and the earth.

while journeying heavenward and battling off evils, we need to remember His promise…that God will always stand by our sides whatever our circumstances are. we need to hold on to His unfailing love despite who we are. allow ourselves to be accepted, valued and loved by the Friend who doesn’t care about our past. trust in Jehovah Jireh who provides just enough for us to move on…

…so that, ultimately, God Almighty…Lord Jesus will be glorified through the end of the earth. and this living…this glorifying God…is what christianity is all about.

“the cross is not just a symbol of love or a fashion statement. the cross is your daily decision to deny yourself, your rights, your wants, your dreams, your plans, your goals, and deliberately, wholeheartedly, unreservedly live out your commitment to God’s will and God’s way and God’s Word and God’s wisdom. the cross is your decision to live for Him” – anne graham lotz


On Our Knees

i just finished writing a well thought-out post with 1,000 plus words about survival and fear. there was even some scientific thought in it, which is very unusual for a sentimental person like me to do so. then i clicked “publish”…only to have it ALL lost because of the internet connection error. now i feel more than a failure. i spent 2 hours writing this piece…hoping to at least accomplish something…to have this sense of triumph.


i’m battling with contentment and self-worth. i keep wondering if i am doing the right thing and at the right place. i’m reminded of my friend’s birthday card she gave me this march. she said, “most important thing of all, keep being on your knees.”

despite feeling like a failure, lost and frustrated, God promises peace when we seek His face. preceding Easter this year, i want nothing but to press into His presence. fear and worries may tightly grip at my heart…giving me no space to breathe. but here’s the devotional passage i read this morning:

“when you live to please God and to keep the inner person healthy, you discover that life gradually becomes unified. instead of running here and there, trying to do everything and please everybody, you calmly face the challenges of each day without feeling pulled apart. you find it’s much easier to make decisions because life is centered on one thing: seeking first “the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” (warren w. wiersebe from “the twenty essential qualities”)

let’s kneel down and be with Him.

“even now,” declares the Lord, “return to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.” rend your heart and not your garments. return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and He relents from sending calamity. (joel 2:12-13)

Prayer for Japan

everything is shockingly possible nowadays. i shouldn’t be surprised to hear of another gruesome tragedy in the world – the earthquake, the tsunami and the possible nuclear leak in japan as the last age is already come. but the news still threw me off-balance. another reminder of the human frailty and the omnipotent power of God.

how much can one country deal with such loss?

my heart and prayer go to the japanese. i don’t have money to buy airfare to join the relief team. but as peter spoke to the lame in acts 3:6 “silver and gold i do not have. but what i have i give you. in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”

thus, this is my prayer for the japanese – in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.

Sickness And Wedding


i am still trying to get better all the while trying to focus on work. it was another full weekend. mom came up again, this time to help with our friend’s wedding in a lahu village. both of us were struggling with fever on this past saturday. i remembered feeling like jelly…or floating in a very confusing dream while waiting for the ceremony to start. i wasn’t sure whether i sweated because i was hot or cold. ‘~’ BUT it was a great wedding. i did snap some shots despite my sickness.

sweet mom

the covenant

the joy

the new family

the question for single men and women 😉

i love girls!

mom's toe - accident from the wedding

i have been busy, and thus kept from spending time with God. i shared how heavy i feel with mom this morning. she said, “drop everything and run after God.” it’s my heart’s desire to do so. i want to be like a deer pants for water…and i want God to make my feet like the deer’s hind feet…that despite the height, i will still be able to climb and leap…with His strength.

Shoulds And Shouldn’ts

i am craving  for soft munchy chocolate chips cookies or even brownies. i think it’s time to bake some! 🙂

this evening i came home feeling a bit…perplexed. i think i might have gone on so long not bringing up the issues of my life to  God. when i sat down, i just felt the urge to read the Bible and pray. someone told me that praying is like breathing. i must’ve been holding my breath for a long time…that’s why i was suffocating.

there were many things i wanted to talk to God about. next year will be full of changes…and i’m not sure i’m ready to deal with that. did i ever tell you that i am accepted into the new position i applied for? in january, i will take my new role as a field communication specialist and no longer serve in the tour team. at the thought of it makes my stomach queasy a bit. please don’t get me wrong. i am excited to start a new journey…take on a new adventure. but i guess it’s the unknown that makes things look so daunting and scary. i am afraid that i may not be good enough for this. that i will fail. that is why i need to pray so hard.

there are also lots of plans i am making in my head like moving into a house, buying a car, finding roommates…all the while being more involved at church too.  i am also in constant frustration that i cannot master the karen language at the point i wish to see happen. i have also asked God for a new romance…a boyfriend…and that hasn’t happened yet. and i thought, “what am i supposed to do to make things happen?!” so i started outlining my plans. i should do this and i should avoid that. on and on, the list went…and i didn’t even bother stopping to ask God what did He think. 

the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” of my life blinded my eyes to the true desire of my Master. i learned a lesson from Him last week and realized i have put myself at the center of everything and creating plans around what i want to do. but the Lord showed me that when i can drop my shoulds and shouldn’ts, then it will be the real show happening according to His will.

and i don’t wanna miss His will in my life. putting my plans down gives me rest and peace.

not only do i need to pray to God, i also urge you to pray for me. i can’t explain it or tell you specifically what i’d like you to pray for. but do pray for me, will you? it is time of transition and revelation. He’s going to do something in my life…

oh, added to the random statement above – i am also craving for pancake with bacon, butter and maple syrup! mmm…

Early Sunday Morning

it is so weird – there are many things going on in my life but i have no motivation to write about anything. since the tour was over 4 days ago, i have got no excuses of not blogging. i guess sometimes when you have too much on your mind you just don’t know where to find the start.

so i will try to at least keep a story a day. what is the purpose of having to write every day, you may ask. the initial intention for me was to keep records of my thoughts and see how i progress throughout a year. but it also helps me see God’s grace and blessings through every day life.

so last night, i was getting ready to shower only to find that the water stopped running. it used to happen once. that time, i had to use the shower room at compassion office. this time, it is a bit different as it is sunday. i can’t bear the thought of not showering before starting the day. so i prayed, last night, that God would grant me the water to shower in the morning.

i went to sleep but it wasn’t deep. and i kept waking up because of mosquito bites. finally, at 6 in the morning, i decided to get up and checked the water. it was running! so not wanting to lose my chance, i went right in to the shower. the cold water woke me up. and i have been up ever since. i have had time to read the Bible, fold my laundry, eat breakfast, read a couple more chapters of francine rivers’ “My Daughter’s Dream” and get online. i have enjoyed it so much. my day seems to be longer when i am up early. but it isn’t usually the case for everyday. i feel so productive right now.

so that is a story of how God answered my prayer. it is small and insignificant but God does listen to our prayers. and it is a comfort i cling to when things get out of hand or disappointment hits. He hears and answers.

i am going to church now.

Miracles Happen

prayer is so powerful.  i would not call myself a prayer warrior (although i would seriously like to be one in the future), but from what i’ve experienced since i received Him into my life…one word – miracle.

my relationship with God has taken on to different levels, from master-servant, creator-creation, father-daughter, husband-wife and friend-friend. in my normal emotional state, i talk nicely and behave well. but when crisis hits or problems arise, i whirl my hurting words at Him. sometimes i mock and challenge Him. other times, i brokenly beg for relief, solution and mercy.

He has been ever so patient. not only He hears me…but also feels for me. Christ has stood by my side, solid strong, as the Rock of ages, through all my tantrums.

through prayer, the Lord has brought my whole family to salvation, helped me to graduate from university , led me to work at compassion in chiang-mai, found me a church i can call home and provided for my everyday’s needs.

through prayer, my family and i are hopeful about His direction for our next move although it seems so impossible right now.

through prayer, i am able to get rid of self-pitiness when the guy i like acts weirdly around me…that i am able to have joy when i feel rejected…that i am able to come out of the mire of frustration and breathe in deeply the air of freedom…that i am able to love him with sisterly love…and that i am still able to pray for him.

through prayer, God has adjusted my focus and helped me to see the purpose of everything behind the happenings.

when i pray, even in my most distressed moments…that i can barely utter a word, the Spirit sends forth my plea heavenward to the ear of the Father who listens with eagerness…with broken heart…with the unbending will to reach out to His beloved.

and miracles happen.

shall we bow before Him now then? that from our lips, hallelujah may be sung with the acknowledgement that Christ lives and is here to save us. that through our humble state, the world will see the Miracle Maker within us.

Jesus Christ, I magnify Your name…

Broken Prayer

Lord, please grant me the tender spirit and quietness of heart. the turmoil is tempest strong. and i am battling hard.

Jesus, please allow me to enter into Your holy presence. with tears and humbleness,  i lay down at Your feet. i struggle so, my Jesus, with dissatisfaction.

Spirit, please fill me with Your everlasting joy and unconditional love. break me, my Love, and make me new…that i may experience the fullness of Your power.

Holy One,

You are my joy even in the pain;

my sustainer even when i am thirst;

my love even in the ugliness;

my bright morning star in the thick dawn;

my peace in the uncertainty of life;

my wisdom and direction when i am lost;

my hope…in the midst of impossibilities.

i praise You, my King. in my weakness and sorrow, i am glorifying You because You are faithful.  in my rejection, i am running into Your embrace for i know there shall i find acceptance.

Lord, catch me when i fall…forgive me, Jesus.

On the Road Again

this week, i am going to be away with a group of koreans on the vision trip. we are going to spend time near the thai-burma border for 2 nights. then we will be back on thursday night. hopefully, i will get to write by that time if i am not too tired. on friday and saturday, we are visiting 2 different projects in chiang-mai. it will be interesting and fun.

i look forward to this week even though i know that it is going to be long.

please pray for me as i am fighting to stand strong in Christ and not let self-pity get in the way. please pray for my relationship with the Lord, that i would let Him break me and make me new…and more like Him.

i really need prayer from all of you…

thank you very much.

Blood Donation

we got a phone call from taii, a father of toey, a child who is admitted into the hospital because of leukemia, this evening. toey is a 7-year-old karen boy who had a twin brother that died of the same disease a couple years ago. we don’t know how the boys got it since their parents or natural family members never have cancer.

i have visited teoy three times. i saw him first and second time in the icu and the third time in a children ward. his little body looked even more tiny when he lied on that big bed of white sheet. the last time when he was out of icu, he was so cranky and annoyed that even his parents couldn’t please him in any ways. it was understandable. a boy shouldn’t even be in the hospital at such age. he should be in school, play soccer with his friends, explore his neighborhood and enjoy life. yet…sickness is a curse that we’re all born with. it just depends on when it’s gonna happen to us.

teoy’s parents are people of faith. the first 2 weeks toey was transferred into the city hospital, they abandoned their farm work at home to be by their child’s side. being in a hospital is, honestly, tiring and depressing. and in my context, being in this hospital means waiting around in a white neon-light common area, using shared bathrooms with other patients’ relatives to clean and wash and sleeping on a wooden bench. no private room. no conveniences. they endured it because it was their  child. every time i went, they looked almost ready to collapse. but the father said to me once, “mink, i don’t know why God allowed this to happen but He has a good plan, including this too. i just have to trust Him.” then he quoted a verse from psalm…i think. you gotta see his face when he learned that his son got better. i haven’t seen any broader smile.

anyway, the phone call was to inform and ask for help. toey’s number of blood platelets got very low this morning, and his face got swollen. he is in desperate need of blood plasma. taii asked us if we could go to the hospital and donate blood, whatever type it may be because the hospital will make exchange with the “o” type later on.

when someone like this needs help, wouldn’t one respond in immediate willingness?

well, my dilemma is that to donate blood, it means i willfully allow a sharp and thick needle to go through my layers of skin and into my vein. and that…i am scared of. like many others, i have never liked shots. my 1st memory i can remember of getting  injections was when i was in g.3, in my buttock. ugh. that was painful.

this type of fear gives me a tight knot in my stomach and i feel like i can’t breathe and ready to pass out. that only comes from imagining myself in such situation. i haven’t even tried. 

the 1st time i visited teoy, i willed myself to go so far enough to fill out the blood donation form and got a blood test. but because of an hour lunch break, it got me more time to ponder on the pain…and as a result, i chickened out.

now, with desperate plea from the father, wouldn’t i at least give up a bit of my own comfort to release someone else’s pain?

tough call.

in a way, i’ve already made up my mind. i want to give blood for teoy. but fear still holds me back. i shouldn’t spend time pondering whether or not i should do it. i should just mindlessly walk into the hospital and get it over with.

yes. think of Jesus….He endured so much more…for my sake. how can i not do it to the least of these?

please pray for teoy and his parents in this time of sickness. pray that God would give them hope and strength to carry on each day by relying on His grace. pray for me that i’d be willing to offer what i can to help this family…and other staff too…that they will feel burdened to donate blood tomorrow.